In real estate, we know location, securing affordable financing and quality construction are all critical to the real estate development process.  However, we believe effective management is the key to maintaining a stable return on a real estate investment while preserving the physical asset.

DRE strives to increase property value by recognizing the interrelationship of the many facets of property management.  In order to attract the most qualified tenant, reliable preventative maintenance and thoughtful building improvements must be implemented.  Prompt maintenance response with quality workmanship pave the way to retaining quality tenants.  Strict rent collection procedures, accurate financial reporting and intelligent analysis are necessary to building adequate reserves to fund improvements that will command market-leading rents.  DRE carefully evaluates the complex web of financial demands in order to maintain an investment over the long-term.

It is our philosophy that real property is not only monetarily valuable, but constitutes a tremendous social asset.  Management is pivotal to maintaining a strong real estate investment and a vibrant commercial and residential community.   This in turn strengthens the individual property value.